Project Management Outsourcing
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With Nanotech Soft-App leaders as your certified project managers, you will find the right balance for your organization so you can focus on your core business competencies and goals. 

Why hire an outsourcing project manager?

You’d probably have developers, QA engineers, designers, and Devops engineers for your software project. You may think that it’s enough, and you’d be right to do so – these specialists have all the skills required for successful project completion.

But there is something, and it’s a Project Manager (PM) who should have capability and expertise to handle the project from initiation till closing along with your other team members. They won’t code or design, but their role is no less important. 

Certification is the Primary Reason for Outsourcing Project Management

 If a company is in the stage of bidding on a new project, one of that project requirements could be that the project manager should certified. This makes sense especially when a company requests services for a huge project.

Even if certification isn’t a demand for bidding projects, still outsourcing to someone who is certified may help you to save money in the long run.

Factors that might motivate you to think about outsourcing Project Management

The resource requirements of your project may not meet your existing staffing strength. For any project small or big, Project Manager is a must to have to avoid any kind of risk to your project and company. For short period, better you should outsource and take benefit of external expertise and save cost & time in hiring.          

Your existing staff may not have the specific project management skills & domain experience based on project demand. You will need experienced project managers from the project initiation stage to closing.

Cashflow has been always a constraint for any business. So, to meet the demand of your project regardless of the domain, type, and size: project management outsourcing is a must to opt for any short-term project and pay per project basis.

Every Individual and company have their own set of expertise. Outsourcing always helps company leaders and their resources to focus on their key expertise. Project Management is always should be organized and off-course it is time should be consuming for better returns of the project.

Pros & Cons of Project Management Service Outsourcing

  • Outsourced project managers look at planning, controlling, scheduling, and tracking with fresh eyes
  • Consultants help ensure best practices are followed. If you work closely with the provider, the overall outcome and ROI often is better than if the project was kept in-house
  • Companies can hit the ground running with productivity gains: Project management professionals will do sector-specific research and will be conversant in the latest thinking
  • Clients can focus on core competencies
  • You can become better prepared for dealing with similar projects in the future